Zombie American LLC presents “The Expired”

In our continual effort to find investors in order to make this into a feature film, we would like to present one of the opening scenes of the film in an animated Storyboard. Director Rocco Nisivoccia edited this presentation together from the storyboards created by Matthew JLD Rice. Enjoy…

Here is another scene drawn out by Marcus Collar which was edited by Producer Ralph Riccardi for this presentation.

First the outbreak. Then the uprising….

After almost a decade since the Great Zombie/Living War, society has seemingly moved on and sees the rehabilitated Zombie Americans as productive citizens. But our hero of the story, Brady, has his guard up and summons the strength to confirm his suspicions to the World before it’s too late.

Here is the production team’s perspective on the feature film!

Eat Me was first filmed as a zombie short film, now we are revamping it to become a full length feature film.  Below you can enjoy the trailer from the short film.

**Clips provided by the short film “Eat Me” copyright 2010**

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